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On Exhibit July 24 - August 18, 2024

Opening Reception 6-8pm July 25, 2024 

Soho Photo Gallery, New York City

Breakwaters are built to provide safe harborage and protect the shoreline, but over time, they will inevitably break down themselves from the unwavering cycle of the tide, storms, and sun. 

When photographing the breakwaters along New York City’s Atlantic coast, I think of my best friend who drowned himself in the nearby water. I think about the mental illness that broke him. Our lives are like these breakwaters–remaining intact is simply not possible; loss leaves scars on our souls; deep pain carves our bones changing the foundation of who we are.

But I find the beauty in what remains through the breaking, how each piece is unique in how it’s been shaped by water, time, and sand–like monuments to memories. It’s the breaking that makes us who we are; it carves and changes us, and often our cracks are where the light shines through.

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